Advancing Transparency in Supply ...

08 Mar 2024

BRGM and Montanuniversität Leoben have collaborated to produce a scientific paper that delves deeper into the integration of technologies for greater transparency in supply chains, highlighting crucial advancements in the industry.

In the current era where ethical and sustainable practices are becoming increasingly vital, the mining industry's responsibility has never been more in the spotlight. Governments worldwide are implementing regulations to ensure accountability, particularly in the supply chains of critical raw materials that power our technology and energy sectors.

The MaDiTraCe project is a pioneering initiative that utilizes advanced technologies to establish robust certification and traceability mechanisms for vital raw materials. The project explores innovative techniques such as mineralogical-chemical fingerprinting and artificial fingerprinting, covering the entire supply chain from extraction to recycling. Furthermore, it introduces a digital product passport, significantly enhancing transparency across the supply chain.

Read the full article HERE.

Tags:  Innovative Integration