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15 May 2023

The MaDiTraCe project will be hosting its first webinar on Digital Product Passports and raw materials on 28 June 2023. Speakers include EC representatives, the MaDiTraCe coordinator and partners, and other relevant projects and initiatives.

The webinar will aim to achieve the following objectives:
  • Raise awareness and explain what a digital product passport is, its purpose and how the European Commission is coordinating this work.
  • Raise knowledge about the MaDiTraCe project to relevant external stakeholders from the raw materials/materials community including policymakers.
  • Explore how MaDiTraCe can contribute to relevant raw materials/materials supply challenges in Europe.
  • Bring stakeholders to the MaDiTraCe project.
  • Explore potential coordination/clustering initiatives with other relevant traceability/DPPs projects and initiatives.

11.30-11.35Welcome and introduction
11.35-11.55MaDiTraCe Project - Daniel Monfort (BRGM)
11.55-12.05Fabrice Mathieux (JRC)
12.05-12.15Iakovos Yakoumis (Monolithos)
12.15-12.25Susanne Guth-Orlowski (Spherity)
12.25-12.35Anne Marie Desaulty (BRGM)
12.35-12.45Thania Nowaz (DMT)
12.45-12.55Maria Nyberg (DG Grow)
12.55-13.05Omar Perego (RSE-EMIRI)
13.05-13.30Questions and discussion with participants
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